Makeup Artistry Course Reviews

Orlaith Gavin


I had spent a few days researching different courses. This course just presented amazingly to me, so I sent an email asking if this course would be suitable for someone age 16, and I was told yes, and it's true this course and is very manageable in particular for full-time students. A year-long course, 12 modules, plenty of time to complete it and very accessible for everyone.

This course is brilliant for anyone of any age. The tutors are lovely, and it's so easy to contact them, and they are always very helpful if you are confused about something, need some assurance etc. The course is so broad in areas of technique. I think this course is great for beginners and people who want to expand their skills.

The modules are very easy to read and comprehend. I'd was always looking forward to accessing the videos of the next module once my previous had been marked. It is also so exciting when you complete your course and finally get your diploma, which you have been working so hard for; I was so excited to have mine, and it's a sign of my hard work, dedication and enjoyment of this course. It is such a huge accomplishment.

I would like to thank The Institute of Makeup Artistry for helping me develop my skills, for the safe community and environment, as well as all the other course participants too, as we would all help each other out.

Sarah Cosgrave


Choosing to study makeup with the Institute of Makeup Artistry has been the best decision I have ever made.

The course is wonderful, and I have completed looks which I would never have imagined I would complete before the course. The course is enjoyable as well as informative, and I am so sad that it has come to an end. I now feel confident as a makeup artist after graduating from the Institute.

The Tutors are incredibly helpful with personalized feedback and advice. The Facebook group is a wonderful bonus.

I cannot recommend the course enough.10/10.


Meg Parnell


I loved this course! I recommend it to anyone who wants more information on the makeup industry.

The coursework was clear and simple to understand. My tutor was so helpful and constructive. This is an experience I’m very grateful to have had.


Mary Cara Cushen Murray

Co Wexford

Thank you so much to the Institute of Makeup Artistry.

I would recommend this course for many reasons. Obviously, it caught my attention as it is an online Makeup Artistry course, but the amount of history and knowledge I have gained whilst also doing practical, fun assignments has been phenomenal!

Rachel de Santo's video demonstrations are an excellent training method. I played them repeatedly, which is something we can't do in a physical class environment. Also, with the course being self-paced, there is absolutely no pressure for time.

My tutor, Nolene, was wonderful! Combining her teaching skills & attributes with the kindest presence. Always constructive feedback that encouraged me to grow and learn. I feel like I have met my tutor, Nolene, in person. This illustrates how it is not just some information and a certificate.

It is a professional course with real tutors that have an amazing portfolio, so when they compliment my work, it really boosts confidence and feels worth doing!

Thank you again, IMUA.

Emily Dilworth


I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to build up their knowledge and experience, plus learn more tips and tricks in makeup artistry!

I had such a great time learning throughout this course. Every module was full of great detail and my tutor was always there to help me out if I ever needed it! Catherine was the nicest person to deal with and always helped me understand and her feedback was always so lovely and helpful too!

If you are looking to gain more experience and become more confident with this line of work, you definitely should give this course a go! For the price, it is really worth it and the kit you get is amazing. I have it forever now and I honestly could never be happier!

I am coming away from this course with a lot more confidence in myself and a lot of new information!

Louise McCann


My experience with this course has been incredible!

To start off with the absolute layout of the modules, and support groups are easy to access, with quick response and super helpful. I have acquired a good form of initiative with the way I view art in general while growing with so much inspiration as well.

The modules have wonderful varieties to gain every skill and knowledge necessarily needed. The best part of this experience is that I have built my own confidence, skills and mindset.

I would urge anyone who has in mind to take up this course to give their full attention because every minute spent is worthwhile. The flexibility and pace let it work around you, although its a year time frame, I bet one can accomplish this enrolment with an ambitious prioritization.

Yvonne Doyle


I did this course to improve on my makeup skills and I have achieved every bit of it. I absolutely loved doing SFX in this course, never thought I'd ever been doing SFX makeup but its definitely something I will prolong on doing in the future.

Emer my tutor was there for me every step when I need help.

Everyone should go this course, even if you don't want to do it as a career but definitely a hobby.

Emma Kiely


Studying with The Institute of Makeup Artistry Ireland has been an incredible journey. The step by step guide on all twelve of the modules is easy to understand and to follow. With each module, you get amazing videos that help you see the action of applying the different types of makeup and styles that is easy to follow and a great way to really understand the application of products.

Personally, my tutor was Emer Hawkins and she was amazing as I am sure all tutors are. What your tutor does is gives you in-depth feedback on each task you have to do for the modules, which really helps with seeing the areas you may need to improve on and how to do so and if you have any questions or get stuck on a certain part of the module just give them a message and they will get back to you super-fast.

There is also a Facebook page that is amazing to go to to find new tricks and to see the rest of the IMUA community. The Portfolio section on the website is a great way to help you start looking at the idea of what ways you would like to design the page to enhance your creative makeup looks.

I would highly recommend this makeup course as it is affordable and the experience has been unbelievable. As I was studying in college doing a Visual Art course it made my love for makeup and wanting to study it very easy and accessible.


Marie Dorrian


I really enjoyed this course.

I had put off doing a makeup artist course for years because due to running my own salon, time never worked out. So when I saw this online course available and the perfect time limit that let me work on my own, it was just the perfect opportunity to make dreams happen.

I found the course fantastic, very informative and offering plenty of student support. I would highly recommend it to anyone! I look forward to bringing my new achievement into my business, so thanks, guys!


Aimee Matthews


My experience has been so wonderful. I have learned so much more than I knew at the start.

The website has lots of features for students to use. The areas in the modules help with lots of different makeup looks and designs. I had a lot of fun creating looks even though it was challenging; all makeup looks are, but you have to put all the time and effort to do the best you can!

I enjoyed it a lot, and I’m sure everyone who joins will too! Thank you for reading.


Bianca Ryan


I loved every minute of this Course!

The support from my tutor was brilliant and everyone in the Facebook group was so helpful and encouraging!

I have now successfully started my own business from home in something I enjoy so much!

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